2014 Labour Day Chinook Classic Derby Day

Saturday August 30th


  • Registrations may be made up to Midnight on August 29th, 2014 for the 2014 Labour Day Chinook Classic.
  • Number of boats: 65 Boats Max

How to enter

  • The cost to enter is $1400 per boat
  • Additional anglers may enter at $100 per person (Max 4 anglers per boat)
  • Entries must be made on the official entry form and provided to Labourday Chinook Classic by mail, email, fax or in person at 410-233 West First Ave, North Vancouver, BC before midnight on August 29th, 2014


  • Entry into derby
  • Registration gift bag
  • Moorage at Mosquito Creek Marina
  • Fishermans hot breakfast
  • Dinner

Prize Categories:

  • 1st prize. $25,000
  • 2nd prize $10,000
  • 3rd prize. $3,000

How to win:

  • Boats must catch and release the largest Chinook salmon during the Labour Day Chinook Classic Derby to win a jackpot as specified

Qualifying a Fish for the Chinook Derby:

  • Rules apply for all prize categories, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
  • To enter a fish in the derby, the fish must be a Chinook salmon.
  • To enter a fish in the derby, the fish must be released and weights calculated by an official Labour Day Chinook Classic weigh boat
  • To enter a fish in the derby, the fish must be hooked during the tournament hours, 7AM-4PM PST Aug 30th.
  • Entered fish are given a calculated score in order to show their ranking
  • The weight of an entered Chinook is determined by using the length and girth measurements and applying the following formula:
  • Girth of Fish (inches squared) x Length of Fish (inches) = WEIGHT


  • Any and all weighed scores given on the water will be considered unofficial until they can be checked by the tournament weigh master. The scores will be posted daily at the Celebration on Water at Mosquito Creek Marina
  • Boats must be entered in order to qualify.
  • Anglers must comply with all Fisheries and Oceans Canada regulations. Regular daily and species possession limits apply. Upon reaching a daily or species possession limit, participants must refrain from fishing for that species for the balance of the day. This includes participating in the catch and release derby for the balance of the day. The rods must be raised.
  • The derby master will arbitrate all protests related to breach of the rules. At the derby master's sole discretion, any fish and/or contestant may be penalized, up to and including disqualification. Decisions of the derby master will be final. Any and all protests related to the breach of the rules must be submitted in writing to the derby master no later than 3 hours after the 4 o'clock ending of the derby on the day of infraction.
  • Procedures to Qualify a Fish for the Event

  • Upon verifying a Chinook on the line that might be considered as a derby entry fish, the guide / captain must notify a derby official by radio Channel 68 as soon as possible and declare their hook up. Declaration must include time, boat name, and angler. Derby official boat must acknowledge catch and will give a hook up number. Emergency Cell Phone Number is 604-762-6909.
  • Each participant is allowed to weigh as many Chinook per day as they wish during the two day derby, however, only your largest Chinook will be entered.
  • Upon netting the Chinook, the angler must keep the fish in the water until the derby official boat arrives. The derby participant boat will give the fish in the net to the official weigh boat to be measured and released. The net will be returned to the boat after the catch has been recorded.
  • Leaders and tackle will be checked to insure the fish was caught using legal methods and allowed methods as per official rules items 1 through 40.
  • Weights of the fish will be available at anytime at the request of the angler or the guide/ captain. Information will also be available over the radio from the derby master hourly and at Mosquito Creek Marina on The Celebration on Water.
  • If the fish is in a perilous situation (i.e. excessive bleeding, exhaustion etc.) it will be accepted as a catch and release entry as it was intended to be released by the participant. If however, the derby official(s) are unable to release the fish successfully, the salmon will be retained. As such, the derby participant is required to mark his/her fishing license indicating a retained Chinook as per DFO Regulations. Derby officials will notify the affected participant immediately.
  • Only registered anglers (a total of 4 available per boat as per Derby Registration Form) are allowed to participate in the hooking or playing of fish. Guides are permitted to assist only with the baiting, gear setting of hooks and the netting of fish. Guides may not participate in the hooking or playing of fish. However, if a guide is one of 4 registered anglers, he may then participate in the hooking or playing of the fish. If you require a change in registered anglers you must apply for this change in writing before August 29th at 5:00 pm. All applications will be considered by the Derby Master and his decision is final.
  • Boat check-in time, fishing time

  • The Labour Day Chinook Classic will be comprised of the following boats:
  • - Maximum of 65 boats

  • Participants must be entered and paid in full on or before August 29th at Midnight.
  • Participants are required to provide their own boats
  • All boats must check-in to the event the morning of Aug 30th at Celebration of Water, Mosquito Creek Marina to get their tournament boat flag.
  • Check-in will commence at 5:00AM at The Celebration of Water, Mosquito Creek Marina dock.
  • boats will be able to depart the marina starting 7AM on derby day.
  • Boats must be checked in to weigh a Chinook in the derby
  • Derby departures will commence at 7AM on August 30th. Fishing ceases at 4pm. Only hookups reported between 7AM-4PM PST on Aug 30th will be considered.No hookups after the 4PM announcement will be eligable. Any reported hookups that are still in play after 4PM will have a 30 min time limit from time of hookup. eg: Hookup reported at 3:50PM, fish must be in net and passed to official weight boat by 4:20PM.
  • Boundaries & Fishing Areas

  • Fishing must take place within the boundaries as defined on boundary map attached.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions or any other circumstance deemed by the derby master, changes to the fishing boundaries may be instituted. Changes will be announced prior to or during the tournament fishing hours each day.
  • Area Boundaries Are:
  • Quadrant A:

    This area is effectively defined to allow participating boats to fish the Mile Markers and Bell Buoy and North Arm of the Fraser River general area and the QA Marker. These are productive areas for chinook at this time of year. Anglers are not permitted to fish the mouth of the Capilano River out of respect for boat traffic and commercial traffic in this area as per the wishes of the Vancouver Port Authority, the Guides Association, and the participating partners of this event. Hence the line drawn from 25th Street Pier to Jericho Sailing Center Dock. Fishing must occur West of said line as per the boundary lines drawn for Quadrant A.

    Quadrant B:

    This area is effectively defined to allow participating boats to continue to fish the North Arm of the Fraser River general area and continue to fish off the Iona Jetty and Sturgeon Bank and T-10 Marker.

    Quadrant C:

    This area is effectively defined to allow participating boats to continue to fish the North Arm of the Fraser River general area and continue to fish off the Iona Jetty and Sturgeon Bank and T-10 Marker.

    Out of Bounds

  • Fish hooked in an area defined as Out of Bounds are not eligible for the tournament. Out of Bounds is defined as any and all areas not inside of lines drawn in Quadrant A, and B, as per item #28 and the associated map in #26.
  • If a fish is in play and is heading towards an area defined as Out of Bounds' call an official weigh boat.
  • If a boat is caught fishing out of bounds they will be disqualified from the derby
  • Derby officials and their boats will be positioned in the vicinity of all participant boats as defined
  • Derby master can deem areas in bounds or out of bounds during the derby at his discretion
  • Fishing Equipment Regulations

  • Fishing reel, rod and line specifications
  • a.Mainline and leader cannot exceed 50LB test

    b. Reels must be single action mooching reels or level wind reels. No electrical reels permitted.

    c. Rods must not exceed 12 feet in length.

    Fishing Tackle Specifications

  • a.Flashers may be utilized

    b. Live bait & frozen bait can be utilized.

    c. Plugs, spoons and hoochies can be utilized.

    d. Downriggers can be utilized

  • No gaffs, flying gaffs can be used to catch derby entry fish
  • Other fishing regulations set forth by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans must be observed as per item #9.
  • Contact the Derby Master for clarification, if required.

  • Maximum of 4 rods per/boat and 4 anglers per/boat
  • Tournament Registration

  • All anglers must be registered to enter a fish in the derby
  • A waiver must be signed by each angler to fish in the derby